Cheating wife

The evening had escalated quickly and I thought of my husband probably sat at home and about to go to bed alone after beers and a take away as I was led by the hand in to the boardroom, where hours earlier I had sat taking notes in the meeting. Olly had reluctantly agreed to me being away for the night once again and he knew from past experience that Chris, my boss, was a lecherous old guy who made it quite clear that he viewed me as a dumb bimbo and eye candy employed for his own perverted pleasure. He would regularly tell me how hot I looked at work and make highly inappropriate comments but I needed this job and so I had put up with it and by now got used to it. I secretly found it quite arousing that this guy, who was only weeks away from his retirement, would undress me with his eyes and make no attempt to hide his erection whenever we were alone together at work but nothing had ever developed between us and nor did I expect it to. I constantly mock-scolded him and threatened to tell his wife whenever he got a little too rude but I always felt safe in his company. This I had convinced myself was simply another part of my new job and the extra pay, cash in hand at the end of every evening, was certainly needed and easy money to earn. I simply had to keep the fact from my hubby, who would have gone nuts if he found out the truth how I was making so much extra cash all of a sudden, that I was essentially becoming a high-class escort girl.
For the third Saturday night this month I was ‘working late’ again and as Chris turned the lights on in the familiar luxurious boardroom I was impressed that the scene had already been set. Bottles of wine were already on the large wooden table along with a plastic bag clearly from a local sex shop in the city. Unusually there weren’t any other business men around as usual and a few large soft cushions on the boardroom table as well which were an intriguing new twist.
‘That’s for you, now be a good girl…’ he winked at me pointing towards the bag. It wasn’t the first time that I’d been in a situation like this and the extra pay certainly made up for me having to dress up in cheap sex shop clothing and pour drinks and take notes for the guys whilst parading around scantily clad in some slutty outfit. I’d convinced myself that this wasn’t anything bad, providing entertainment to guys who liked to ‘look at pretty girls dressed up for their titillation’ as Chris regularly described my new job role. If other guys attended the meetings they usually tipped me really well too and Chris made it clear that there was a no touching policy, that I was there to provide visual entertainment and that I was strictly for their eyes only. The closest that things had got to being really debauched was at one late night ‘meeting’ where a very d***k Chris almost came in his pants when one of my tits fell free of the skimpy school girl outfit that I was wearing and bumped against his glass spilling his drink in his lap. I didn’t cover my exposed breast instead I dutifully mopped him clean with a tissue being careful to linger momentarily too long around his cock. I could feel it twitch against his trousers each time I dabbed at the stain and I made a mental note that this dirty old pervert was in fact pretty well endowed. Putting my large breast back in my school girl shirt I gave my nipple a little pinch and held Chris’s gaze with an innocent smile before heading off to get changed back in to my office wear. That night was the first time that I realised that acting like a sex object for other men apart from my husband really turned me on. As I dressed to go home it had only taken about a minute of touching myself in the bathroom to achieve several powerful and discrete orgasms and I knew that I would only get more and more daring as I grew in to my new job role. I wiped my sticky juices from my fingers over the trashy school girl outfit as a souvenir for my boss and headed home.

Emma was out again for the night and I planned to make the most of every minute of my ‘me’ time. I’d barely had chance to shower before I heard the knock on the door and Keely had arrived as promised. Emma looked super-hot as always in her short skirt and thigh high boots and as she was about to leave for her work meeting I had pushed her roughly against the hallway wall, hitched her shirt up, pulled her knickers aside and fucked her from behind. It was a quick a****listic fuck, the friction of her panties against my angry prick adding to the excitement and I was determined to mark my wife with my own spunk before a day ahead of her spent with men who I knew would all be thinking about fucking her. With a final deep thrust I held her tight as I emptied by balls inside her tight cunt.
‘For fucks sake! I told you NOT to cum inside me!’. I’d heard her alright but as I wiped my spent cock over her new knickers, leaving a sticky cum stain all over her arse, I couldn’t care less. We’d been going through a rough patch over the last few months and this only made me want to fuck her like a slut more than I usually did. Sex during times like this always felt dirtier than usual with us both being pissed at each other for some reason or other. Tonight though was all about my fun and as I opened the door Keely smiled sweetly up at me and my cock began to stir again in my jeans. She was in her early 20’s and a former student who I had tutored as an intern on a work placement some 6 or seven years ago. That was the last time that I had seen her and now she was walking in to my home for one reason only, to fuck me. All of the guys at work had unsuccessfully tried to hit on her when she was a student, being married I’d been a good boy but we did flirt a lot and I’d heard from a reliable source that she found my arrogance and good looks a real turn on. She’d messaged me out of the blue via social media asking for some bullshit career advice and I’d soon turned our professional chat to filthy sex talk insisting that she sent me selfies of her amazing body. I’d jerk off over them at work or in the bath and send her cum splattered images back to her telling her that I wanted to spunk all over her in real life. Her short cropped blonde hair, big green eyes and flawless skin gave her the look of a model and she looked young enough still that she was regularly asked for ID when out drinking. She had her nose pierced and I knew that she had a tramp stamp tattoo at the top of her arse from the pictures that she had been sending me. Also from these pics I had the knowledge that she had matching short blond pubic hair and what looked like a super tight little cunt. Keely’s long slender legs looked amazing in her high heels, she was much taller than Emma, and as she leaned forward to kiss me my hands pulled at her tight little arse. Her big tits squashed against my chest and still with our tongues in each other’s mouths I began to unzip her knee length jacket. Things were progressing exactly as she had said they would in her messages and as previously instructed she was wearing only a bra and knickers. As her jacket fell to the floor my prick was now fully erect once more. She wore matching red satin underwear and her body looked perfectly fuckable. I’d lost count of the number of times that I’d fantasised about putting my big cock in all of her tight young holes. She’d claimed in her messages that she loved to suck cock and eager to find out I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my throbbing dick. Without hesitation, this stunning young girl dropped to her knees in front of me and began to plant gentle kisses over my bell end as she slowly pulled back my foreskin. Her slurps and moans of pleasure only added to my lust for her and I watched her in the full-length mirror as she took my cock between her lips and began to blow me. Her low-cut bra gave a perfect view of her huge cleavage and as I bent over to unfasten it I pushed my hips forcefully towards her so that the tip of my cock hit the back of her throat making her gag then giggle. She took all nine inches comfortably and her tongue was lapping and licking my shaft as she pulled on my balls with her hand. Easing her bra straps over her shoulders I watched her big, firm tits fall free and sway gently as she sucked my cock and I pulled her head tighter to my groin to fuck her mouth hard and fast. I hadn’t seen a pair of gravity defying young tits like this for a few years and I was going to make sure that she left tonight having been fucked like she craved and deserved. I felt powerful taking advantage of Keely knowing that my wife was probably bored to tears at another work dinner but quickly put this thought out of my mind as I took my phone and began to film this sexy little bitch sucking me off so that I could have a wank over her again at a later time. Reaching down to pinch her nipple she took the tip of my dick between her lips and began to twirl her tongue in and around the eye of my cock and without warning my I began to cum. My hand was steady with my phone as I filmed the first jet of spunk pumping in to her mouth and then trickling back out between her lips as she then took me balls deep and held me there as the next four or five powerful cumshots filled her mouth. She was immediately on her feet and this time she pulled aggressively at my shirt, ripping off two buttons as we kissed again and I could taste my cum from her lips and hot tongue.

The lights were low and Chris had put some music on and poured himself a drink as the door opened again and Sam finally joined us. ‘The wife’ he smirked as he put his phone on the table and took off his suit jacket. I could hear the two of them chatting as I went to the bathroom, opened the bag and began to undress. I was trembling slightly but this was now from pure excitement as I saw the items that Chris had bought for me. A pair of black crotch less knickers were soon being slipped in to as I watched myself nearly naked in the bathroom mirror. I’d shaved my legs and pussy in the bath earlier and I was already getting hot between my thighs. Glancing down at my own discarded panties I could still see the cum stains on them from my husband earlier and felt a pang of guilt for him that his precious wife was once again about to parade around nearly naked for some stranger’s pleasure and for the extra cash. Olly hadn’t made me orgasm before I left and as he had fucked me hard and rough against the hallway wall I hadn’t been thinking about him but instead wondering what the night ahead had in store for me. The nipple tassles were lipstick red and easy to apply to my large erect buds. I gave a little jiggle in the mirror and watched as my heavy tits wobbled freely making the tassles twirl around. Tying my hair back in a long ponytail I put on the lacey black eye mask and giggled at the sight of me looking like some kind of slutty superhero. The final items in the bag were a bit of a surprise and for the first time in the evening I experienced a feeling of uncertainty. I’d been told as usual that I was required to simply dress to impress and play the hostess to the conclusion of the guys business meeting but this was taking things to another level. Sex toys are not really my thing so the jeweled butt plug and vibrating love-balls, along with bottle of champagne scented lube were very unexpected.
The love balls were vibrating slowly in my hand tickling my palm as I drizzled the lube over them. Reaching between my legs as soon as they got close to my pussy I felt a tingle of excitement race through my entire body. The first ball slipped between my wet lips easily closely followed by the second one and the sensations were immediate. It felt like four of five fingers exploring my pussy at the same time, all moving inside me in different directions. I let out a low sigh of pleasure and steadied myself against the sink in front of the mirror. Pulling my knickers down over my bum I now lubed up the butt plug and bit my lip as I positioned it against my arsehole. My ass is far too tight for a big cock, a finger is my personal preference, but the sensations from the balls squirming in my pussy were helping me to relax and with a little wiggle of my hips and a firm push on the plug, my arse muscles relaxed enough to allow the jeweled metal in to my tightest hole and again I took a deep breath as the sexual tension continued to build in my now trembling body. There I was, dressed like a stripper with both my ass and pussy full of toys and I hadn’t even started my work yet.
Back in the boardroom Sam passed me a glass of champagne and stood close beside me and surprised me as he suddenly pulled me close to him and kissed me slowly, his big lips locked tight against mine as I allowed him to push his tongue in my mouth. This kind of behavior was certainly usually off limits but Chris said nothing and feeling as horny as I did I responded by pushing my tits against him and running my hands through his hair returning the kiss. I could see Chris sat watching us making out and he had unzipped his trousers and was spitting on his fingers before lubing up his hard on which was on show for all to see. ‘Bend over the table Emma’ Sam ordered and as I did I pushed my arse in the air and gave a suggestive little wiggle of my hips.
Sam knelt down behind me and began to softly stroke my thighs and arse before he reached between my legs to find my clit. Suddenly I gave a yelp of pleasure as the balls in my pussy began to gyrate faster and Sam rubbed by clitoris vigorously. Chris was sat facing me across the table and slowly masturbating with his phone in his hand. He laughed out loud as I squealed again and the balls went crazy once more in my pussy before slowing down and speeding up again. This went on for a few minutes and orgasms were building and then suddenly stopping and I felt light headed with pleasure. The filthy old bastard showed me his phone from across the boardroom table and he was gleefully controlling the love balls from an app on his phone. Sam’s hand was pulling and gently twisting the butt plug and lost in the moment I was now rubbing my own clit, face down on the table, groaning with pure lust. Stepping out of his trousers and boxer shorts Sam moved towards me and I saw his long, slim cock for the first time. Lifting my legs on to the table and pulling me by my hair so that I had spun around to face him, Sam had me on my back with my head hanging over the tables edge level with his groin. He pulled at the nipple tassles and threw them in my face before leaning over me to suck on my tits, kneading them together in his large hands making my nipples swell harder. I had one hole that wasn’t yet full and I licked my lips and opened my mouth wide as an invitation to Sam. At the other side of the table I could feel Chris fumbling between my legs and felt his mouth against my toy filled pussy as he began to eat me out. He was still wanking as he licked and kissed his way over the crotchless knickers just as Sam’s dick came in to contact with my mouth. He tasted salty and a big vein pulsed in his long cock. I could feel it throb as I slowly sucked his meat in to my mouth wrapping it in my full lips as I reached around his waist to pull him closer to me while he pinched and pulled hard on my big tits.

In the kitchen, I fixed us both a drink and we finally managed to say hello to each other and make small talk about what we’d been up to in the years since we’d last met. The atmosphere felt relaxed but I could tell that Keely was going to be a handful this evening by the way that she kept running her eyes over me. My cock was still semi erect but already aching from two strong orgasms with two different women within the last few hours. She looked like a glamour model sat on the kitchen unit with her tits out wearing only her knickers and she was absent mindedly opening and closing her slender legs when I moved to stand between her thighs and kissed her passionately again. This time my hands were inside her knickers and my finger took no time to locate her clit and begin massaging it between finger and thumb. Her cunt hair felt soft and was getting matted from her leaking juices. Breaking from the kiss I wanted her big tits in my mouth and as I sucked and slurped her hardening nipples I pushed two fingers between her pussy lips and fingered her as deep as I could. I sucked so hard on her right tit that she gave a little squeal but I didn’t stop. I wanted to teach this horny young bitch a lesson in real sex and she was a fast learner. She began to pull and squeeze on my nipple in return as her other hand grasped frantically for my prick again. Keely was bucking wildly and deliberately hitting me in the face with her firm and heavy tits, grunting through gritted teeth each time she did so. A third finger then a fourth forced its way inside her pussy and her cries and pants were getting louder and louder as her cunt began to ooze more sweet juice all over my hand. I pulled my fingers out of her cunt and wiped them all over her face, ruining her make up before pushing them in her mouth to taste for herself. She again gave a cry but did exactly as she should by sucking my fingers like a true whore. My prick was now raging and exactly at the right height to penetrate her hot little fuck hole as she sat in front of me on the kitchen units but before I could try and fill her up for the first time she swung down beside me on to the kitchen floor and pushed me away.
Standing behind me now she reached under my balls and between my thighs pulling my cock down towards the floor and making it throb even harder from the discomfort of the unnatural angle. Her fingers were everywhere, running over my balls and between my arse cheeks but it was the unmistakable sensation of her tongue licking against my shithole that really fired me up. The slut was rimming me and doing it well. Each push of her tongue in to my arse was met by a slow tug on my prick and her rhythm was practiced to perfection. Lost in complete pleasure I glanced down between my spread thighs to watch this pretty little slag milk my big cock against her tits. She was grinning at me and enjoying the fact that she was the one now in control. Her finger and thumb were wrapped around the tip of my cock in a kind of ‘ok’ style grip and she was wanking me off slowly. Keely’s tongue though was equally as busy alternating between licking and sucking on my balls and spitting against my spread arse cheeks. When her finger finally began to push against my arsehole I tensed then tried to relax as she began to push her finger very slowly and purposefully inside my ass. Her nails were long and painted bright red and they scratched my hole as she slipped her finger deep inside right to her knuckle. The discomfort from her sharp nails against the sensitive skin of my arsehole made me grit my teeth but it felt incredible as I moved my hips in rhythm with her fingering me and felt her wrap her lips once again around my swollen prick as she greedily sucked my cock to the back of her throat.