Dad, Mom and Son

“I’m cumming. Oh God, I’m cumming” I screamed out.” “My son is making me cum.” And with that, I felt my son’s cum shoot into me with a force I never felt before.

Even as he was cumming, he kept pounding his big cock into his mother’s cunt. I could feel his cum flowing out of me and down to my ass. My body shook from my orgasms.

My son fell off of me and we laid together as I tried to grasp how this all happened.

I guess it all started a year ago, right after my 18 year old son, Tommy, graduated high school.

We have a nice ranch style house in the suburbs that has a pool, with complete privacy afforded to us by a high wall as the three of us are nudists.

By nature, I am an over sexed woman or as my husband calls me, a nympho.

My name is Lisa. I am in my early forties and not bad looking for my age. I am 5’7″, 130, 38-26-36, red hair, green eyes and a firm ass. My tits sag a tiny bit but my protruding nipples offset that.

My husband, Tony, fucks me every morning before he goes to work and every night. Sometimes, during the day, I masturbate by the pool or in my bed. I guess that does qualify me as a nympho, but I don’t care.

My husband, Tony, is also in his early forties. He is 5’9″, 170, brown hair, hazel eyes and a beautiful 7″ cut cock.

Tommy, our 18 year old son, is 5’8″, about 160, brown hair, brown eyes and a large 9″ cut cock.

On more than one occasion, Tommy has seen me and Tony fucking. We always believed not to hide things from our k** as it might make him more curious and apt to give himself the wrong impression. So, Tommy has watched us do it all.

One day Tony was putting up Christmas decorations on the roof and fell off the ladder. I called an ambulance and the doctor at the hospital said Tony had a broken leg and that he could not do anything for a few weeks.

When we got home, Tommy finished putting up the decorations as Tony gave him directions.

Now that Tony couldn’t do anything, I talked to him about my needs. He said I should masturbate more. I told him I would but I needed a cock too.

Tony then said, “Lisa, what about Tommy? I am sure he would love to have sex with you and it would only be for a short time.”

I looked at him and said, “You want your son to fuck his mother? Wouldn’t that bother you? You can always ask one of your horny friends to fuck me. I am sure they wouldn’t mind.”

“No, I’d rather our son fuck you,” Tony said.

Later that day, I saw Tony talking to Tommy by the pool. I could hear them from the kitchen.

“Tommy, your mom and I have a problem and we need your help.”

“Sure dad, whatever you need, let me know,” Tommy said.

“Well son, I will not be able to do much for the next few weeks and your mom needs you,” My husband said.

He continued, “You know that when me and your mom have sex you have watched us and seemed to like watching us. Well, what would you say if your mom wanted to have sex with you until my leg is healed?”

Tommy looked at him and said, “Dad, you want me to have sex with mom? Isn’t that wrong?”

Tony told him it would be, normally, but not in this case. And that he would really be helping his mom out.

Tommy finally agreed to have sex with me and I was elated.

That evening we had takeout Chinese food for dinner. Tony rested his broken leg which was in a cast. It was funny seeing him partially dressed in shorts with his leg in a cast.

We decided that my husband would sleep in our guest bedroom and Tommy would sleep with me.

After watching tv for awhile, it was time for bed. Tony took his crutches and hobbled off to the guest bedroom and I made him as comfortable as possible for the night.

Me and Tommy headed to my bedroom. Tommy said he wanted to take a shower and I asked him if he wanted company. He looked at me, smiled and told me ok.

We went in the shower and the hot water was running over our bodies. I started lathering Tommy’s back then had him face me. His cock was already hard and it got harder as I lathered his cock and balls.

For the first time, Tommy put his hands on my tits and started rubbing them. My nipples got hard in an instant as I felt my legs weakening. Then Tommy kissed me and pulled me to him. Our naked bodies pressed against each other. His hard cock pressing against my stomach.

We quickly finished, dried off and headed to my bed.

We laid on the bed, facing each other. I pulled his face to me and we kissed. My mouth opened and his tongue met mine. My heart was racing and the anticipation of being fucked by my son was overwhelming. My hand reached down to his cock and I grasped it and slowly started jerking it. I could feel it growing in my hand.

Tommy started sucking my nipples, going from one to the other. My body was on fire.

Tommy moved his hand down to my pussy. He started gently rubbing my clit. I could feel it getting swollen and more sensitive. I pushed his head down and spread my legs for my son.

He instinctively started lapping up my cunt juices. Soon his tongue was inside my cunt. Oh God, it felt so good. My hips pushed his tongue deeper in me.

I told him it was time. My 18 year old son mounted his mother. As he kissed me, I lined up his cock to my slit. I then told him to slide his cock in me.

With little effort, his big cock easily slipped all the way in my cunt. Soon his balls were up against my ass.

He started pumping his cock in me. My body was trembling with desire. My hips in spasms as he rammed his cock into me.

After only a few minutes I was screaming out, “I’m cumming. Oh God, I’m cumming. My son is making his mother cum.” My body writhing in ecstasy.

My body shook as I had one orgasm after another. Tommy shot a load of cum with a force I never felt before.

I could feel his cum inside me as his cock was still pulsating. My son finally pulled out his cock and fell to the side. His cum pouring out of my cunt. I moved my hand down and scooped up some cum and tasted his nectar which was heavenly.

That night, Tommy fucked me two more times before we fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning, Tony said he heard what happened. I told him the Tommy was terrific and I thanked my husband for suggesting it.


Fast forward two months

The cast was finally coming off of Tony’s leg. We were finally going back to being a normal family, so I thought.

The doctor took the cast off and told Tony he had to do some therapy and that in a weeks time, everything would be fine and he would be able to do anything. He also said he could do things now that weren’t strenuous on his leg.

On the way home, I asked Tony what we were going to do about Tommy. I told Tony that I couldn’t cut him off from our sex as that wouldn’t be right. He then suggested that we include him in our sex lives.

“So, how would that work?” I asked Tony.

He said, “It could be one on one or the two of us together with me which would be up to me.”

I told him that I would like him in the morning and the both of them at night. During the day, it would be Tommy.

“He thought that was a good solution and we would tell Tommy.


:We went home and celebrated. We had some friends over and enjoyed a day at the pool, with our clothes on.

I made sure Tony didn’t do too much as Tommy did a most of the work, such as serving drinks and food to our guests.

After everyone left, Tommy and I cleaned up. By the time we finished, it was time to call it a night.

We called Tommy into the bedroom and, with the three of us sitting naked on the bed, we told him of our idea, that his dad would have sex with me in the morning, as always and him and his father would have me together at night. I told Tommy I would want him during the day.

Tommy said that was fine and we all agreed.

As it was time for bed, the three of us got into bed. This was to be my first threesome and I couldn’t be happier being it was going to be with my son and my husband.

I got in the middle of my two men. Each one played with one of my tits and both started sucking my nipples

I went from one to the other, kissing them and feeling them up. Their hands were all over my body as it started writhing in pleasure.

My husband had his hand on my pussy and soon had my son’s hand as company. I felt fingers being inserted in my cunt, but didn’t know which lover they belonged to.

I rolled over on my side facing Tony. I could feel his cock at my slit. I raised my legs a bit to give him access to me. Soon, his cock was in me, fucking me as my son’s cock pressed up against my ass.

As Tony was fucking me, I whispered to Tommy to fuck my ass. He lubed me with the lube I had next to the bed. He then lined up his cock with my ass hole and slowly inserted it.

Tony stopped fucking me until Tommy’s cock was fully in my ass. Then they both started fucking both my holes. They got in synch and I was in heaven.

No words could describe the feeling of having my husband’s cock in my cunt and my son’s cock in my ass at the same time.

It didn’t take long for both of my men to cum. My holes were completely filled with their cum. My orgasms continued for minutes as my body convulsed in pleasure.

That night was the first of many. A full year from day one, I have never been more sexually satisfied as I am now with my husband and son.

Earlier, I mentioned that my husband calls me a nympho. You know what, I am and I am glad.

For all you men and women that have sex with your adult c***dren, be proud and grateful for such a wonderful experience.

I only wish that I had an adult daughter who I could share my sexuality with.